• October 13, 2022

Best Betting Offers

Best Betting Offers

Betting offers are incredibly important, to both sportsbooks and bettors alike. For the former, they provide an excellent opportunity to gain new business. Welcome offers are a proven way to attract fresh customers, and ongoing promotions are a great way to keep those punters coming back

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about football bets offers in the UK right now…

New Customer Betting Offers

The quickest and easiest way to get some genuinely delectable rewards as a bettor is through welcome incentives. In an effort to entice you to sign up, online bookies particularly create them to attract the attention of new clients with the promise of alluring bonuses.

The incentives stated above are typically worth much more than the money you have to spend to obtain them.

You receive these extravagant prizes from the bookmakers in exchange for opening an account with them. They want you to keep betting with them after you’ve utilised those bonuses. And if you do, they anticipate that their future financial benefit from you will outweigh the value you initially received.

How New Customer Betting Site Offers Work

All sign-up bonuses have two aspects, at their most fundamental. The activation and the actual reward are these.

You will constantly have to pay money to activate something. In the best-case scenario, all you’ll need to do is open an account and deposit money.

You receive your reward once those eligible bets have settled. Tokens for free bets, which will be credited to your new account, are the typical shape this takes nowadays.

.Common Types Of New Customer Betting Offers In The UK

There is surprisingly little variety in the welcome offers you can receive from premium sportsbooks. Currently, three primary kinds are most prevalent.

The first is ‘Bet X, Get Y’.You do this by making a qualifying wager worth X and receiving free bets worth Y. Perhaps the most famous example is William Hill’s ‘Bet £10, Get £30’ welcome offer, in which you wager £10 and get three £10 free bets in return.

“Risk-Free Bet” is the second option. This essentially guarantees your first wager with the bookmaker. You keep the gains as usual if the wager is successful. Your stake will be returned as a free bet, up to a predetermined maximum, if it loses.

The third is ‘100% Match’. In this case, the bookie matches your first deposit amount in the form of a free bet. Arguably the best version at the time of writing comes from Bet365, which gives you a deposit bonus of up to £100

How We Rank Betting Offers

Even if sign-up betting deals are extremely popular, some are unquestionably superior to others. It’s a challenging undertaking to rank them all in addition to sorting through them all. Because of this, we established a set of predetermined criteria to guide our investigation. The table at the top of this page was created by applying these to each and every offer.

We’re big believers in transparency here at Safe Betting Sites, so here’s a clear look at three of the most important criteria we used.


We prioritise this above all other factors when evaluating sign-up offers. We primarily focus on the straightforward inquiry, “How much value does this genuinely create for the bettor?”

Value obviously consists of a few components. The most fundamental considerations, however, are the sum of money required from you and the kind of the bonuses you would receive in exchange.


It’s typically a poor sign if a welcome offer’s phrasing appears convoluted. This frequently leads to the loss of a crucial catch or circumstance, whether on purpose or not.

When you first look at a promotion, you should be able to quickly determine the value being offered and evaluate all of the terms and conditions. To encourage bookmakers to make their online betting options as transparent as possible, we have given them rewards.


All betting site offers come with terms and conditions, and we’ve also scrutinized these for each and every promotion on our list. We have concentrated on two key issues during this process.

The first, which was already said, is “Are they clear?” The T&Cs should be written in plain, precise, and direct language.

The second, more crucial question is, “Are they fair?” This issue of fairness is relevant to acceptable marketplaces, depositing options, minimum odds, stakes, and other factors. It undoubtedly has to do with turnover needs, which are frequently overly high.

Minimum Odds

The contract’s minimum odds could be the deal breaker in any future offer. You have little chance of winning your free bet offer if the odds are excessively high when you claim it.

Quality of the Site

While we are always on the lookout for decent betting offers, we tend to think about the long-term relationship between the site and the punter too. We do feel there is no point in simply creating an account because of a free bet offer if you are not going to use the site once your offer is all used up.

What To Look For When Choosing Best Betting Offers

The majority of sportsbooks in Britain will give both a welcome bonus and a variety of ongoing incentives. As a result, you have literally dozens or even hundreds of viable solutions available at once.

Eligible Markets

If you only care about betting on football and have no interest in other sports, you should select a bookmaker that has betting options specific to the beautiful game. In horse racing, the same holds true. For sports like tennis, cricket, and golf, some sportsbooks even run exclusive specials.

Likewise, if you’re a big fan of accumulators rather than single bets, prioritize bookmakers which cater to your needs. Acca Bonuses, Acca Insurance deals, and Free Bet Clubs are just some of the offer types you can target.

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