Write for us- Science, Home Improvement & Health Guest Post

We are looking for new members to write for us in Science. We need someone who can provide us with short but informative articles about all the different sciences, technology, engineering and math topics. Articles may vary from 500-1000 words long and you will be paid $10 per article.


We are looking for writers who can write on a variety of science topics and who understand that the articles that are published are for our readers to enjoy, so we want them to be written in clear English.


What is write for us?

Write for us is a free content website that seeks out interesting articles, blog posts, news stories, commentaries or anything else written in English and published on the Internet. It is run by a couple of teenagers and gives the writers credit where credit is due.


You would work under one of our writers who have been around writing for us for five years both in English and in German.


How much will you earn?

You will be paid $10 per article (contact us) with pay as you go methods used by PayPal or by Payoneer even if you are paid to write more than one article each month. The start-up costs are only a few hundred dollars and we will be paying around $100 per article for a minimum of five articles.


What do you need to write for us?

You just need to be able to write in English and have something interesting to say about science. If you can give us an outline of what you can write about then let us know your topic as we will try to match it with one of our writers. We also teach writing for web content so if you have some web experience then that would help too.


Why is Guest Posting Important for your business?

Guest posting is important whether you are looking for promotion or growth. We can offer several benefits to your business. You will be getting exposure for your product and your website, increasing your traffic when people see what you write about and you will be able to build up a relationship with the site owner that could lead to future services such as advertising if the site owner wants it.


Guidelines to Follow For Article Submission:-

  1. Post an original article with interesting content, not just a simple rewrite of what you found from another source.
  2. Use your own words, no copy and paste.
  3. Maximum 500-1000 words for each article unless otherwise specified by the site owner.
  4. Do not submit more than 5 articles per each month, we need time to review and edit your article before publishing it to avoid any copyright issues (if any).
  5. Properly put in a few keywords that we suggest or that are relevant to the topic you want to write about.
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What Kind Of Articles Do We Publish?

We publish guest posts about any kind of scientific topic, technology, engineering and math. So we want you to tell us what kind of article you can write on. You do not have to be an expert in the topic to write about it because we are looking for interesting articles as long as they are written by someone who is able to communicate well with their audience.

Email : enquiries@guestfluencer.com