• October 13, 2022

Are Deep Tissue Massages Good for You?

Are Deep Tissue Massages Good for You?

Body pain and sports-related injuries can be both physically and mentally challenging. People have been looking for ways to relieve body pain, and one such method is through what is known as a deep tissue massage.

A deep tissue massage, by definition, is a type of massage technique in which pressure is applied using slow, deep strokes. This allows the pressure to penetrate the outer layers, reaching the inner layers and connective tissues of the body.

Deep tissue massages differ from other types of massages in that the main purpose of a deep tissue massage is not relaxation, but rather pain relief. But the question still stands, are deep tissue massages actually good for you? Here we take a closer look. 

The Benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage

As previously mentioned, deep tissue massages aim to relieve pain from muscular strain and injury. Whether it be plantar fasciitis sustained from running activities, or neck stiffness from long hours at work, deep tissue massages can soothe the muscles involved, effectively reducing pain.

But pain relief isn’t the only good thing from a deep tissue massage. In reality, deep tissue massages offer a whole lot more of benefits other than just pain relief. 

Body pain results to an increase in stress. Naturally, relieving this pain would reduce the possible stressors, thus reducing stress levels. Cortisol levels within the body start to lower, resulting to relaxation of one’s body. This relaxation of the body also provides other benefits, such as improved levels of serotonin, and lower blood pressure.

Deep tissue massages can also help women in labor. Women who regularly receive deep tissue massages often end up with shorter, less painful labors than those who do not. This is because in addition to regulating cortisol levels, deep tissue massages can also aid in regulating oxytocin levels in the body, thus reducing pain during labor.

What are the Side Effects of Deep Tissue Messages?

Like with all forms of treatment and medication, deep tissue massages also have their own side effects. For starters, pain is almost always felt during a massage, since the areas where pressure is applied are areas suffering from pain.

Unlike surgery, deep tissue massages do not use anesthetics. However, despite the massage being painful, the relief and relaxation felt will always be worth more than the initial pain.

It should also be noted that people under medication, such as blood thinners, should consult their doctors before having deep tissue massages. The same is true for people undergoing other kinds of treatment, such as cancer treatment.

People suffering from muscle and bone disorders should also consult their doctors prior to getting massages. 

Are Deep Tissue Massages Recommended?

Overall, deep tissue massages do provide a lot of benefits and are recommended for relief of body pain, regardless if the person leads an active or sedentary lifestyle. Consult your doctor before having one, if you have an underlying condition.

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