• May 10, 2022

The ‘fuck You, Disney’ Thread

In the gathering Prehistory of the Far Side, Larson noted that he discovered the Danish version funnier looking back. Asterix and the Great Crossing makes a degree of getting a bunch of Danish vikings discovering America, teaming up with Asterix and Obelix. The Norwegian version translated the leader of the Viking discoverers to be Leif Eiriksson — a Historical Domain Character who actually grew up in Iceland, and was the first European in North America anyway. His father, Erik the Red, was conveniently redheaded, and gave his name to the chieftain who additionally sported pink hair. The Danish references had been considerably blurred by this, however the historical in-jokes gained an additional layer for Norwegian readers.

As this film was by no means released in Brazil, it was changed to “Pelé’s film”, which viewers understood as refererring either to the documentary Isto É Pelé, or the more modern Os Trombadinhas. Arthur Whaley’s traditional English translation of The Tale of Genji was written at a time when East Asian customs had been less well known then they are today and so he referred to beds, wardrobes and different furnishings unknown in Heian Japan. In 1991, Norwegian creator Jostein Gaarder published a highly profitable juvenile novel called Sofies verden (Sophie’s World), which has been translated into 54 languages. It incorporates references to the geography of the Norwegian capital, Norwegian authors, and a Norwegian poem, which is quoted in the text. Most foreign-language editions saved these references and translated the poem as immediately as potential, but the U.S. edition substituted American geography and references to English-speaking authors.

The identical thing happened to Family Guy, though its high quality in comparability with the European French dub is extra debatable. An in-universe instance in Family Guy occurs when Brian and Stewie find yourself in the Middle East, where a road vendor presents them a movie known as Dude My Car Is Not Where I Parked It but Praise Allah We Are Not Hurt. The Miser includes a scene where quite a few worthless kitschy objects are listed, together with “tapestry hangings representing the loves of Gombaud and Macée”; these had been apparently characters from “an old comic pastoral” generally depicted on tapestries at the moment. The Polish translation of the play (by Tadeusz Boy-Zelenski) replaces this with “…the courtings of Jupiter”, which is far less hopelessly obscure to trendy audiences. Power Rangers sometimes does this once they’re sticking especially close to the Super Sentai scripts. Samurai Sentai Shinkenger’s Sixth Ranger was an aspiring sushi chef, with the motif extending to his Ranger gear (a fish-shaped sword and scabbard, lobster and squid mecha, and so forth.).

Apparently, that is accomplished because most Russian viewers don’t watch American Idol and have completely no idea who the hell Clay Aiken is, whereas Elton John is quite famous. But the problem is that this man does resemble Clay and in reality doesn’t look like Elton. In the unique English model of Turning Red, considered one of Mei’s talents is speaking French. In each French dubs, she as an alternative excels in a Spanish class. In Toy Story 3, Buzz’s “Spanish Mode” switches him from Mexican Spanish to Castilian Spanish in the Latin American version.

After Hallmark took full management, it discontinued the reruns. Sadly the UK inserts of Fraggle Rock are “missing” so any DVDs you purchase could have only some american Professor, not Fulton MacKay or John Gordon Sinclair. I watched The Dark Crystal yesterday and it was nice as all the time and I thought of watching the Netflix series afterwards but then I was like ‘why not just watch Fraggle Rock instead?

Wander McMooch – Wander McMooch is a terrible warty toad-like creature who lives in some form of swamp or bathroom. He first appears in “Junior Sells the Farm” the place he tries to swindle the Gorgs out of their homestead. He seems to have some prior experience with Fraggles as a end result of he hates them.

In May 2008, The Weinstein Company announced it will distribute the Fraggle Rock film. The film was written as a live-action musical by Cory Edwards, who would additionally maui news obituary direct. The movie was to be produced by The Jim Henson Company; Ahmet Zappa was govt producing together with Brian Inerfeld.

In the American dub, Claire’s voice-over helpfully adds an explanatory “England’s greatest horse present” although those words aren’t in the note. Sega Dreamcast is changed into PlayStation within the Polish translation just because nobody there knew what a Dreamcast was. The German exchange student Uter turns into a Swiss change pupil in the German dub. Given that the stereotypes the character is based on are extra Swiss/Austrian than German, this is truly a perfect fit. The Norwegian dub of the episode “Beach Blanket Bravo” have the shark with the Nixon Mask pretending to be Peter Pan as a substitute of the late president. Something related happened to the episode “Johnny Meets Adam West”, which was re-titled to “Johnny Saves Mom”, additionally probably as a end result of West’s obscurity in Poland .