• April 27, 2022

Harry Potter & The Soulmate Bond Collection

Ah, I forgot, pardon me, there was nothing, in Professor Binns’s class, to entertain his mind, apart from Hermione Granger. So it seemed Harry wasn’t going to die of boredom right makes space suits don’t travel now. And pals, belief me even being bored can get you benefits.

Harry and Hermione Soul-bond. Harry and others gather within the RoR to learn some books a few certain BWL. People will change sides and secrets and techniques shall be revealed. Weasley Dumbledore bashing!

This is my first attempt at fan-fiction, and i’m hoping that I will a minimal of please some people. The fates are fed up with the best way Harry’s life has been going, and have decided to step in. How will this impact his life, his destiny? Rating brought down to T, would possibly go back as much as M in a while.

PURE SMUT. You’ll find no plot to water down the smut in this fic. Harry is whisked away to Gringotts and he finds out he is adopted by Sirius. He likes that, but as the last Black, he inherits the Black fortune. He discovers that something like arranged marriages and slaves exist!

They help each other cope with the grief, finding solace in one another and, eventually, love. Rated M for mentions of child abuse, some swearing and mild adult situations. This is my response to Reptilia28’s problem.

A string of occasions ensue which result in a selection being pressured on Harry. That selection permanently changes Harry’s life, the lives of his friends and the whole world of magic. The Life and Lies of Ginny Weasley. Ginny grew up reading the story of the-boy-who-lived and at all times assumed that he is her future husband. When Hermione Granger comes in, things began getting messy.

All of your writing is addicting and also you really have a present of writing characters so that I am enchanted with story tropes and parings I usually draw back from. My only criticism is that you’re writing is too good and I are inclined to forgo working, sleeping, and all human interaction so as to just keep studying. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us. I need to thanks for the time, power, and creativity you have shared with us.