• April 27, 2022

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The rehabilitation center or particular faculty for crippled youngsters. Children, the bringing together of schooling and medical companies. Severely crippled and disabled youngsters in Puerto Rico. Performed now-a-days as illustrated by Brunschwig’s operation. Mission, and chemotherapy of tuberculosis in children are said.

The invention relates to the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, whereby bactericidal, virucidal, parasiticidal and fungicidal properties of ozonized oils and vegetable fats are taken into account. The emulsified acid or vegetable fats is reacted with ozone in a bubble reactor covered by a jacket so as lady scarface film to control the reaction temperature. The ozone reacts with the double bonds present in the acid or vegetal acid, resulting in the formation of distinct peroxidic species answerable for the biological action of mentioned merchandise.

The course of described consists of a single unit step, so it is simpler than the beforehand described procedures. Another novel aspect of the described process is that the ozonation response is not carried out until the whole elimination of the unsaturations present within the vegetable oil or fat. South America contains greater than 50% of the world’s dry forests, which is among the many most threatened ecosystems on the planet. Dry forests of Ecuador are part of the Equatorial Pacific Region, thought-about of larger endemism and scarcely studied. The severe alteration of Ecuadorian dry forests has put at risk the survival of sixty two endemic woody species that had been included in the lists of threatened species. And essentially the most worrying fact is that 69% of those species don’t happen in protected areas.

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Ozone could be obtained the identical from medical oxygen as from air, with the only change that to obtain it from air it is essential to put a wash bottle with distilled water between the ozonator and the reactor. With this easy step, the purification of the fuel mixture from the ozonator is assured. The introduction of this washing bottle is one other of the novel features of this procedure. The water contained on this wash bottle ought to be modified as often as necessary.