• May 3, 2022

Corky Romano Quotes

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“QUESTION!! YES! NO! YES!” and the close ups on the kid’s faces, they’re like “Wtf?” lol. OMG I love the half when hes giving the speech to the kids. He’s like “QUESTION! Yes! No! You do, you don’t, you do, you don’t. I should buy a boat!” Cracks me up everytime. I was questioning if I might purchase some heroin after which we could exit and do some hate crimes and stuff. Anyone have a link to a video clip in Corky Romano the place Chris Kattan is giving a chat in front of a class while he’s on coke? So I’m drunk, watching Corky Romano, and i gotta say the truth that they made the FAT brother the homosexual one is far more relatable.

“I was wondering if I might purchase some heroin and then we may exit and do some hate crimes and stuff.” Since his connections to the family are severed, Pops Romano has Corky infiltrate the FBI to seek out out what they have on him. We have 10 film quotes of Corky Romano hollywood film. Abounding with silliness, Corky Romano, is the proper antidote for what ails you. Although shallow and at times uneven, Saturday Night Live’s ever-funny Chris Kattan as Corky, is an endearing goof-ball with a heart the size of Texas, assured to make you smile. Without a doubt, the scene the place he is coked up, and all jittery and stuff lol.

“I by no means thought I’d stay to see the day that an FBI agent would be peddling smack.” I mean I’m wired as in hyper, not wired as in my crotch. Funny headlines, stupid quotes, Bushisms, celeb bloopers, courtroom and doctor chart bloopers, humorous take a look at answers and other humorous errors from native English speakers. A quote can be a single line from one character or a memorable dialog between a quantity of characters. Quotes shall be submitted for approval by the RT workers. Ahh, I’m mean wired as in jumpy, not as in there is a concealed wire in my crotch.

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